Intern at MINI Color and Trim Jun 2017 - Dec 2017

Design Academy Eindhoven Sept 2014 - Jan 2019

Central Saint Martin Sep 2013- Jul 2014

Hung-Sheng/Herry Lee is originally from Taiwan now based in the Netherlands‭; ‬he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Man and Identity from Design Academy Eindhoven‭.‬


He has been fascinated by the importance and power of color and material combination his whole life‭. He understands how color in itself can affect emotion‭, ‬how color arrangements can shape stories‭, ‬and how the use materiality can provide various sensations‭.‬‭ This is why experimenting with color and material plays such an essential role in his design.


He is an active and experimental type of learner‭, ‬constantly testing the borders of shape‭, ‬material‭, ‬and color‭. ‬He loves to travel‭ ‬and aim to combine His cultural experiences into a story‭, ‬through color‭, ‬tactility‭, ‬and photography‭.‬


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