The Beauty of Imperfection

To provoke the senses and ignite the imagination

Questioning  "what is beauty stands for?"  Can imperfection be a symbol of beauty? 

The definition of beauty changes from time to time. Does beauty stay eternal?

He has designed a silhouette to highlights the imperfection. With this silhouette, he made use of a sporty material to give a contrast of disability and used a thick fabric to support Merijn Koek need — the packet and hate.

web cover.jpg
web-lower version-Amputess.jpg

 - Merijn Koek " I am proud of the difference"


- silhouette process -

the different materials and the different high of the packet are designed for reasons. they are based on the particular high of his arms and use the solid material to make him easier to access the packets. 

web version- measurment-02.jpg
web version- measurment-01.jpg

same as the hat design, using an extra layer of a hard material to make the hat a bit heavier, which makes him easier to wear it and take off.

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