The beauty of sickness

A fashion fabric collection, soft materials that show beauty within illness. 

In today’s world, we are embracing a beauty standard of being physically healthy and fit. It is extremely rare to consider a person to be visually appealing, when he or she is in a disease-stricken situation or near death, while at the same time it is possible for us to appreciate the beauty of dead flowers.

We have all suffered from the disease, and we will all suffer at some point again. We are human. We are not supposed to be perfect. He believes our beauty comes from imperfection and to appreciate the beauty of vulnerability.

- Material invokes our senses and they tell stories

The materials emulate the texture, color, and structures of various afflictions of neurofibromatosis, deformity, and measles. Their shape, fit, and decoration reflect changing attitudes towards virtue. They transform our flaws into beautiful imperfections. 

i am needy

be my friend

hold me, wrap me up

unfold me

i am small

if the world is dark, am i actually beautiful

in this era, i feel my existence is an accident

loneliness wraps me

beauty is innocent, i don't want to be in silence

wrap me up and breath me

-the voice of sickness

_DSC0253 copy.jpg


how could a fabric shape your perception of beauty?

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Sample Book

All samples designed and made by designer